PCPPI makes headway in reducing environmental footprint

June 27, 2024
In commemoration of Environment Month this June, Pepsi Cola Products Philippines Inc. (PCPPI) shared its commitment to hitting its target in reducing its environmental footprint. As part of PCPPI’s sustainability objectives, its Cebu manufacturing facility gave insights as to how the organization continues to meet customer demand while significantly reducing water consumption.

The said facility received top marks in operational excellence last 2023 and was heralded the Best Manufacturing Plant during PCPPI’s National Summit of Bravehearts. From extensive reviews and standards evaluation, Cebu showed improved efficiency, productivity, and sustainability by putting production principles into sound practice

Responsible water usage
PCPPI Cebu’s plant manager Dan Israel Oriña cited the increased utilization of the facility’s polyethylene terephthalate (PET) lines as one the reasons for its improved performance last year.

“The Cebu plant has a high-speed PET line, which allows us to be at the leading edge in production. This contributed to the team’s exceptional performance to address the needs of our customers” he said.

The Cebu Plant ramped up its production volume, ensuring adequate supply to meet the growing demand for beverages in PET bottles in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. To manage operational efficiencies, the facility extended its “Clean in Place” policy to 48 hours, which also helped optimize how the Cebu team managed its water use. Oriña added the increased utilization of the PET line allowed the facility to generate significant savings from the reduction in energy, fuel, and shipment costs.

Delivering on its promise to champion water stewardship, PCPPI’s Cebu facility also achieved significant reduction in water consumption. This ratio determines how efficiently a facility uses water in its overall operations. “Our focus on our sustainability initiatives is on the water ratio improvement. The lower the water ratio, the better. It helps the community and the environment,” he added.

Shared commitment
Oriña said keeping employees involved and having open and consistent communication has always been instrumental in achieving the goals of the Cebu plant, describing it as the “secret ingredient” to their exceptional performance in 2023.

“We consistently conduct team huddles across different sections: from quality assurance and safety to logistics and production. We have always strived to be transparent with our colleagues by making sure that we are all aligned in terms of our priorities so that we can come up with innovative solutions towards our shared objectives,” he said.
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