October 19, 2016
Light is life. But imagine those who live under "energy poverty?”—A term signifying the lack of access to modern energy services, which was brought about by the ever-increasing poverty divide experienced in a country like ours.  
With millions of Filipinos living without access to electricity, gaining access to something as seemingly ubiquitous as electric lighting becomes a growing concern toward those who are not able to do any work, chores, or even leisure activities past the daylight hours.
Aiming to bring light to more Filipinos, Pepsi Philippines recently took on an innovative twist on its advocacy through an event dubbed, Light Assembly of Liter of Light held today at the TESDA Women Center in Taguig City.
The Liter of Light program, done in partnership with MyShelter Foundation, helps provide inexpensive and environmentally-friendly bottle lights to light needy households. 
Of this, Jika Dalupan, Pepsi’s VP for Corporate Affairs and Communications, said, “Not only do we illuminate their homes, this initiative also helps improve their living conditions and safety. We, too, have started installing solar-powered lamps to communities, advancing the reach of the ‘Liter of Light’ program and making the gift of light accessible to more families.”
During the event—which was graced by Ms. Earth 2015 Angelia Ong, as well as candidates of this year’s Ms. Earth competition—assembled these electricity-free and eco-friendly light installations, which are to be distributed to needy communities across the country.
"We are overjoyed to have such wonderful ambassadors like the Miss Earth 2016 delegates with us, as we work to bringing brighter days and nights for homes and communities all over the Philippines," Dalupan added. 
The Liter of Light—a light that is composed of little more than a large soft drink bottle, water, bleach, and corrugated metal—is designed to harness the sunlight and reflect it across large, darkened spaces. 
Recent experimentation has also allowed the Liter of Light to be equipped with solar panels and battery packs, to allow them to function as street lighting as well.
Since 2011, Pepsi Philippines has supported a number of activities designed to increase awareness and support for the Liter of Light program, including the establishment of a volunteer training center and the “Give the Gift of light” e-card campaign, which facilitated individual contributions directly to the MyShelter Foundation. 
With the success of this program, Pepsi Philippines is continuously helping spread the Liter of Light initiative to other countries, in its aim to help more communities live a better, quality life.